A Modularised Student Experience Enrichment System for Tertiary Institutions that harnesses the power of Oracle Policy Automation

Mantis UniSX ||| A unique suite of pre-packaged modules

Easy to Integrate


Process Driven

Optimise Student Services

Better Utilise Resources

Precise Policy Management

Drive the Process ||| You're in control


  • Customise and extend each module individually
  • Use your policies, courses, processes
  • Create interactive student interview experiences
  • Maintain commonality between each module
  • Use as a standalone interview or application
  • Piece selected modules together


  • Add, remove and update policy
  • Manage goals
  • Edit forms and requests
  • Structure summaries
  • Change fields to enhance student experience
  • Streamline university operations


  • Enhance student experience
  • Engage new students
  • Keep existing students involved
  • Simplify and streamline processes
  • Accurate decision making
  • Provide instant access to students

Modules ||| Pre-built solutions for tertiary institutions

Course Eligibility

Course Eligibility (CE)

The Course Eligibility module provides centralised and dynamic interviews aimed towards
the discovery and the recommendation of tertiary courses to students. By utilising the power
of Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) tertiary institutions are able to manage course information,
the eligibility/criteria and tertiary policies associated with each course.

Alternate Pathways Module Extension (ceAP)

This module extension provides alternate course opportunities to students who may not be
eligible for their desired course selection. Bridging and alternate course pathways are
suggested to students as part of the interview process, keeping them engaged within the
tertiary institution. This module aims to provide students with real time alternatives
and prevent the loss of them to other training institutions.

Scholarship Finder

Scholarship Finder (SF)

The Scholarship Finder module provides students with real time recommendations on which
scholarships are available to them. Once the eligibility and criteria has been met, through
an interview process, the available scholarships are presented and the application process
can begin. The Scholarship Finder can be used as a stand-alone module simply to offer
guidance or alternatively, it can be tightly integrated with the Course Eligibility and
Application Manager modules to provide a 360 degree application experience.

Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer (CT)

The Credit Transfer module organises all available transferable units for tertiary
institutions and manages the credit transfer points associated with each unit. Transferring
students are able to select units from recognised institutions and the scores are accumulated
and presented alongside the applicable courses. The student can then choose their desired
pathway based the courses and transferable points available.

International Student Module Extension (ctIS)

This extension adds international institutions and accreditations to the Credit Transfer module.
This module is aimed at tertiary institutes which have campuses internationally and which have
large numbers of international student applications and enrolments to manage.

Application Manager

Application Manager (AM)

The Application Manager module provides students with the ability to apply for courses, units,
scholarships and more. Student information is pre-seeded from the interview, or database where a
summary or application can be submitted. Attachments, signatures, terms and conditions and any other
documentation that requires acceptance and/or signed approval can be managed within this module.

Student Experience

Student Experience (SX)

This is a survey and information gathering module designed primarily to improve student experience.
Create and change questionnaires, surveys and general support enquiries when required to find out what
is most important to new, current and prospective students.

Fees & Enrolment

Fees and Enrolment (FE)

The Fees and Enrolment module assists with fee calculations, payment set ups, supporting documentation
management, special considerations, financial support options and more. This modules assists with the final
steps towards the completion of the enrolment process and from here, students can be directed to student
portals, create schedules, sign up to guilds etc.

What do we mean by Modular? ||| The right fit for the right fix

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Select the right combination of pre-built modules to provide the right solutions. Each module is specifically designed to optimise student service and each can be customised to reflect your university’s specific policies and procedures.


Modules can be edited and updated by university staff, making it simple to add, remove and update policy, manage goals, edit forms, requests and summary structures and change fields to enhance student experience and streamline university operations.


Mantis UniSX can also be integrated into your university’s existing system topology. Modules can be pieced together like a puzzle, allowing separate policies and interviews to be interconnected while maintaining their independence.

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